Trial InterHigh for half a term

To provide pupils and parents with an insight into the school, we are now offering the opportunity to trial InterHigh for half a term at any point during the school year.

Real-time lessons online

Lessons are live streamed directly, teachers lead and the students engage, interact and can access the cloud-based lesson library containing the full curriculum at any time.

Lower School

Online Secondary School

Upper School


Sixth Form

AS/A Levels

Learn more about our online curriculum

InterHigh offers a full British secondary school curriculum in a wide range of subjects online. As pupils progress through the school, they can study a full range of IGCSE, AS and A Level courses.

Pupil and parent testimonials

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As a pupil, why should I choose InterHigh?

Our online school is unique in its flexibility, approach and accessibility. Effective classroom learning without interruptions allows pupils to progress in their learning giving them time to pursue other interests.

As a parent, what do I need to know?

Our British Curriculum, offering a complete core of Lower School subjects right through to IGCSE and A Levels, provides the perfect foundation for future studies. Our revolutionary teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time.