Information for Pupils

Take control of your online learning

InterHigh is a school that puts you in control. The online classrooms let you manage how you interact and you have direct and confidential access to the teacher at all times. Our online courses mean you can organise your studies as much as you want and there is always the possibility to catch up on missed work by looking at each lesson recording.

Best of all, InterHigh gives you control over your time – most core lessons start around 11:30am Kenyan time and generally you’re finished by late afternoon leaving you with lots more time to get on with the things that motivate you most.

Pupil World Map

Pupils at InterHigh come from a broad range of countries and cultures. Check out our world map to see what countries our pupils are from.

The Common Room

On Friday afternoons the Common Room is open to the whole school. Many extra-curricular activities take place including invited guest speakers; rehearsals and public performances; parties; demonstrations; competitions; games; hobbies; fundraising; careers advice and much more.

Extra-curricular activities

Term dates

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