Upper School Curriculum

International GCSEs through online learning

All of the IGCSE course we offer follow the Edexcel syllabuses. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a core of 7 International GCSE examination courses online, which are followed by thousands of schools Internationally.

These qualifications contain embedded transferable skills, sought after by top universities and employers across the world.

Expert teachers in interactive, live streamed classrooms

InterHigh’s online learning platform and lesson library enable pupils to make great progress in their studies. Our pupils have control over their learning and their interactions around the school; a personal, engaging teaching experience where they can directly and discretely question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the subject or topic before moving on.

Three simple steps to selecting your educational package

Comprehensive range of subjects to choose from.

1. Core Subjects

Select up to 7 core IGCSE subjects as part of our Upper School core package.

2. Language Options

As part of the core package pupils can also select one language to study. There is an additional cost per year for extra languages. If a pupil decides a language is not for them, simply skip this step.

3. Additional Subjects

As well as the core subjects, Upper School pupils can also take additional subjects for a small extra fee per subject per year.

Core Subjects

Upper School pupils can enrol onto a maximum of 7 core IGCSE courses online as part of our package. Below are some of the courses pupils can study, as part of the core package.

Language Options

Choose one language to study from the subjects below as part of the core KS4 package. Pupils can select extra languages for an additional fee, per language, per year.

Additional Subjects

As well as the core subjects, Upper School pupils can also take additional subjects from the list below for a small extra fee per subject per year.

Know more about your course fees

We have several fee packages and options, with differing levels of commitment to suit most circumstances. In most cases parents have the option to pay in instalments, spreading the cost of the investment.

Short courses to study

All clubs and short courses run for one term, apart from Babysitting, that lasts for two terms. Our clubs include:- Science Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Beginner’s Mandarin, Creative Writing, Advanced Creative Writing, Introduction to Childcare and Babysitting.

Find out more about studying IGCSE online courses at InterHigh

Mainstream school is not suitable for everyone and many pupils consider online GCSE distance learning. People may also have to move abroad for work unexpectedly for work purposes, which makes distance learning GCSE and A Levels etc. a viable option. If you are thinking of taking online GCSE distance learning you could consider InterHigh.

Established in 2005, InterHigh is the UK’s leading independent online secondary school and sixth form college. More than 1,300 students worldwide are enrolled at InterHigh, which teaches the full British curriculum, in real-time interactive lessons led by our expert faculty. You are not bound by catchment area boundaries and you can study at InterHigh wherever there is an internet connection.

There are a number of advantages in studying IGCSE online courses at InterHigh compared to a physical, mainstream school with walls.

Smaller class sizes

At InterHigh we keep our class sizes down to kept to a maximum of 18 pupils for IGCSE online courses. This ensures that pupils receive more attention than they would in traditional lessons, whilst still being able to engage and collaborate on work with their class mates.

More time spent on teaching

Due to our online status pupils receive teaching for virtually the entire lesson period. Unlike a more traditional classroom environment, InterHigh lessons are not disrupted by behavioural distractions or time lost by pupils packing up and moving from lesson to lesson.

Access to a 24/7 lesson archive

All lessons are recorded, providing a great resource for all our students, especially those preparing for IGCSEs, AS and A Levels. The lesson archive can be accessed by pupils 24/7 online, which is an excellent resource for them to catch up on work or prepare for projects and exams.

Additional resources and support

Aside from the 24/7 lesson archive, we also have an online school library, as well as a range of clubs and societies, seminars and a common room on the school’s own social platforms. There are also school trips and revision weekends for pupils and staff throughout the year.

If the school you attend only offers some of the GCSE subjects you want to study, then there’s no need to move schools. You can study the additional GCSE subjects you’d like to learn at InterHigh, whilst also studying at your existing school.

Enrolment at InterHigh, typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks. We realise that some students sometimes need to enrol once the academic year had begun. We deal with applications made past the first half term by pupils looking to study IGCSE online courses on a case by case basis. This is because of the amount of work and time left for pupils in Years 10 and 11 preparing for coursework and exams. If you have any questions about enrolling at InterHigh please get in touch with us via our contacts page.

Thinking about further or higher level education?

To support your choices we also teach Lower School and Sixth Form