A Level English Language online course overview

A Level English Language explores the skills of understanding the purpose and effects of a wide variety of fiction and non- fiction written and spoken texts such as novels, travel articles, blogs, speeches and diaries.

Students will capture these conventions and writers’ techniques in their own writing where they will learn how to plan and structure responses.

A Level English Language builds on the reading and writing skills students have learned at GCSE level and applies them to significant areas of English Study: Spoken language; English as a Global Language; The Language of Social Groups and Child Language Acquisition.

Successful English Language learners develop an understanding and enjoyment of a wide variety of different texts, both written and spoken. They gain pleasure and awareness of how language works in different ways, for different purposes and for different audiences. In addition, they gain skills for life, including:
• the ability to appreciate how different texts are shaped by their language and style
• skills in creating their own imaginative and persuasive writing for different purposes and audience skills in researching, selecting and shaping information from different sources
• the ability to analyse and compare written and spoken texts in close detail

Payment options

Students based in the UK have the option to pay annually, per term or monthly. International students based outside the UK can pay annually or per term:

Paying per term:

Starting from September, three payments of £450 due at the beginning of each term.

Monthly payments (UK only):

Starting in September you can pay 10 monthly payments of £135 via Direct Debit.


English Language


A Level

Exam board:

Cambridge International Examinations


2 Years

Delivery method:

Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to curriculum

Start date:


Exam Details:

All exams will be supervised and sat at an examination hall local to you

Course fee:

£1,500 per year

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We have several fee packages and options, with differing levels of commitment to suit most circumstances. In most cases parents have the option to pay in instalments, spreading the cost of the investment.