AS and A Level Psychology online course overview

AS and A level Psychology online aims to encourage an interest in and appreciation of psychology through an exploration of the ways in which psychology is conducted. This exploration includes a review of a number of important research studies and an opportunity to look at the ways in which psychology has been applied.

The syllabus uses a wide variety of assessment techniques that will allow students to show what they know, understand and are able to do. The emphasis is on the development of psychological skills as well as the learning of psychological knowledge.

The following topics are studied throughout the AS and A Level Psychology online course. There is a mix of short answer questions and structured essay questions.

Themes within the programme of study are: methodology, approaches and perspectives issues and debates

Content: cognitive psychology; social psychology; developmental psychology; physiological psychology; the psychology of individual differences

Specialist choices

  • Psychology and education
  • Psychology and health
  • Psychology and environment
  • Psychology and abnormality
  • Psychology and organisation

Payment options

UK-based AS and A Level Psychology online students, have the option to pay annually, per term or monthly. International students based outside the UK can pay annually or per term:

Paying per term:

Starting from September, three payments of £450 for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Monthly payments (UK only):

Starting in September you can pay 10 monthly payments of £135 via Direct Debit.




AS and A Level

Exam board:

Cambridge International Examinations


1 year for AS Level Psychology online with an additional year for A Level Psychology online

Delivery method:

Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to curriculum

Start date:


Exam Details:

All exams will be supervised and sat at an examination hall local to you

Course fee:

£1,500 per year

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We have several fee packages and options, with differing levels of commitment to suit most circumstances. In most cases parents have the option to pay in instalments, spreading the cost of the investment.